The ClearKen Guarantee of Success:

At ClearKen, we’re devoted to your success and committed to going above and beyond to ensure you achieve your goals. To this end, we have devised the ClearKen Guarantee of Success – a powerful promise to meet or exceed your expectations through industry-leading project management processes, tools, and techniques, as defined by the Harvard Business School.

  1. Setting Expectations

Your expectations will be well-defined and documented in a comprehensive Statement of Work. These expectations will outline:

  • Desired Results: We will work closely with you to define the desired outcomes of your project.
  • Timeline: We will respect your time constraints and agree on a suitable timeframe for the project.
  • Fixed Cost: The project will be accomplished at a predetermined cost, ensuring financial transparency.
  • Defined Resources: We will clarify the human and material resources to be employed, allowing for more effective planning and execution.
  1. Measurable Results

We will use Salesforce CRM’s reports to track and measure the project’s progress and results, ensuring transparency and accountability:

  • Baseline Analysis: A detailed analysis will be carried out at the outset of the project to establish a benchmark for measuring success.
  • Project Timeline: A project timeline will be developed and updated weekly, providing clear visibility on progress and expected completion.
  • Clear Roles & Responsibilities: Both ClearKen and the client will commit to well-defined roles and responsibilities within the project, ensuring effective teamwork and collaboration.
  1. Transparent Compensation

Our compensation model consists of two components that aim to establish mutual trust and recognition of project success:

  1. Monies: Payment will be made in stages, as follows:
    • An initial payment of 25% of the total fees is required at the commencement of the project.
    • 50% of the follow-on fees will be paid upon completion of mutually agreed-upon milestones.
    • The remaining 25% will be withheld for an agreed-upon length of time until the results are verified as met.
  2. Reference: In recognition of the quality of our engagement and the benefits received, we ask for a reference to be provided upon project completion. This will reflect the successful engagement and will be an important acknowledgment of the benefits you’ve received through our collaboration.

We are excited to work with you on your upcoming project. At ClearKen, we’re not just a service provider—we’re your success partner. Let’s strive for excellence together, with the ClearKen Guarantee of Success.