Build Company to Company Partnerships in Key Strategic and Global Accounts

ClearKen Key Account Planning and Management is a strategy and methodology for helping key account managers and teams build company to company partnerships in key, strategic and global accounts. Enterprise Key Account Management provides proven strategies for transforming qualified accounts from one-time sales hits to long term partnerships, leading to improved customer satisfaction, growth, expansion and retention.

The Enterprise Key Account Management methodology integrates key account management and opportunity management to maximize account planning and management activities and communication for targeting, selling, growing and retaining key accounts.

Key Enterprise Account Management

In our ClearKen Key Enterprise Account Management selling workshop, we’ll show you how to:

  • move from opportunity management and transaction management to account management – selling from the inside out and the top down to give you greater account control
  • grow the individual account manager in executive presence and strategic literacy
  • build company-to-company trust for shorter, less competitive sales cycles
  • achieve higher margin, less competitive sales
  • develop global account strategies

What You’ll Learn

T.E.A.M. is a virtual or in person facilitator led program designed to install a process and grow your Key Account Managers and salespeople to more effectively manage and sell to large accounts. With Enterprise Key Account Management, we’ll show you how you can achieve:

  • value-added differentiation
  • increased executive access and support throughout the relationship
  • shorter sales cycles and reduced cost of sales through repeat business
  • high-quality onboarding and implementation engagements and customer satisfaction
  • more accurate sales forecasts and better allocation of resources
  • less price sensitivity for better margins
  • competitive displacement
  • demand stimulation skills instead of demand reaction skills
  • account loyalty

Who Should Attend

Enterprise Key Account Planning and Management is a virtual or in person program designed for account managers, sales team members and their managers. It is followed by a Black Hat account coaching and review session. Participation, buy-in, and involvement by field sales management is critical to your sales force’s acceptance and use of the methodology.

Live Exercises; Coaching and Review Sessions

During the T.E.A.M. program, which includes actual live account exercises and a coaching and review session, you’ll also learn strategies for:

  • qualifying account potential
  • gaining executive access and preference – before evaluations begin
  • developing a strategy map of the customer’s goals, objectives and initiatives that drive business value
  • building competitive preference
  • communicating and executing the plan
  • exceeding customer expectations
  • growing, expanding and retaining the customer
  • preparing for and effectively conducting the executive sales call

Facilitators Who Know Your Business

At ClearKen, we’re known for having the best facilitators and strategic/key account coaches in the business. All courses offered by ClearKen are taught by the firm’s principals who are seasoned executives, each with a minimum of 20+ years of successful experience in sales, sales management, and executive management.

Their knowledge of your industry translates to real value for you. ClearKen tailors course content to fit your model, market, needs and can provide practical examples – not theory – to support key concepts. Even the most experienced salesperson will benefit from the many real-life illustrations each facilitator delivers with humor and insight.

With ClearKen Enterprise Key Account Planning and Management, your sales force can achieve a quantum leap in their ability to target, penetrate elevate and dominate key accounts. We’ll show you how.

Enterprise Key Account Planning and Management is part of a three-tiered sales curriculum from ClearKen.