ClearKen Good to Better  Transformational Framework Improvement Guaranteed!

Areas Typical Improvement Good to Better Approach
Opportunity Win Rate
≥ 10% more Deals Closed
11 Methods to Improve Opportunity Win Rates
Average Sales Cycle ≥ 20% Reduction in Time
Forecast Accuracy ≥ 10% Increase Improved Forecast Accuracy – 5 Benefits
ASP – Average Discount Current Average Discount Average Discount Goal
New Hire Ramp-Up Time
≥ 33% Decrease in Time
Reducing the New Hire Ramp

Who is ClearKen?

ClearKen is a professional services firm that specializes in offering consulting and products to B2B companies that utilize Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Our primary focus is on helping companies enhance their business performance from good to better. Our services cater to companies that generate annual revenues of 20 to 200 million dollars and have been using Salesforce for at least two years.

We specialize in selling environments where transactions involve multiple buyer/seller relationships with multiple individuals on both sides of the transaction, complex solutions and products, and transactions that take 30 days or longer to complete.

Our projects are designed to meet or exceed expectations, deliver on time, within budget, and meet all specifications.
We guarantee desired outcomes and tie compensation to measurable results.

At ClearKen, we are committed to supporting our clients in achieving their business goals by providing them with the expertise, tools, and solutions they need to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.


Good to Better

ClearKen’s “Good to Better” Salesforce enhancement approach empowers businesses to unlock their CRM system’s full potential by focusing on four core areas: customization, automation, integration, and simplification. By tailoring Salesforce to meet unique needs, automating repetitive tasks, seamlessly connecting with other business tools, and reducing complexity, ClearKen helps organizations improve efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. This comprehensive approach ensures optimal results, driving growth and success while providing a powerful foundation for businesses to evolve alongside their Salesforce platform.

Customer Reviews

We love hearing from our customers and appreciate all feedback, both positive and negative. Your reviews help us improve our products and services, and they also help potential customers make informed decisions about whether or not to choose our company.

“Working with ClearKen has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in Salesforce consulting of strategy and configuration has allowed us to optimize our sales processes, streamline workflows and increase productivity. Their team of consultants is knowledgeable, efficient, and responsive, providing us with customized solutions that meet our unique business needs.”

“We highly recommend ClearKen to anyone looking for world-class Salesforce consulting services. They have exceeded our expectations and have become a valued partner in our business success”

I highly recommend Jim Banks and the ClearKen team for their exceptional skills in advanced Salesforce configurations tailored for our unique Marketing & Sales processes. Jim’s forte with complex sales and enterprise selling has enabled us to raise the level of my entire teams professionalism. He is great at collaborating on deals and creating action plans, as well as generating innovative marketing ideas. Jim is a valuable partner, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Erik McMillan

“As a Salesforce user, I recently had the pleasure of trying ClearKen’s new application, Simplified Playbooks for Salesforce, and I must say, the impact on our sales team has been remarkable.”

“Partnering with ClearKen has resulted in a significant increase in our revenue and more accurate sales forecasts. Their expertise in Salesforce consulting of strategy and configuration has allowed us to optimize our sales processes, streamline workflows and ultimately drive more revenue.”

Simplify Salesforce

Simplifying Salesforce can bring numerous benefits to a business, including improved user adoption, increased productivity, and streamlined processes. By reducing the complexity of the Salesforce system, users can more easily navigate the platform, leading to higher engagement and better utilization of the available tools and features. A simplified Salesforce also enables faster and more accurate data entry, allowing for more efficient reporting and analysis. Additionally, streamlined processes can help eliminate redundancies and improve overall organizational efficiency, resulting in cost savings and increased profitability. Overall, simplifying Salesforce can provide businesses with a competitive advantage by optimizing the use of their CRM platform and improving their overall performance.

Delivering the Missing “How To”

ClearKen is a cutting-edge software solution that fills the gap in the current AI and machine learning landscape by delivering the “how-to” to sales representatives. While existing AI and machine learning solutions can provide valuable insights and predictions, they often fall short when it comes to providing practical guidance for sales reps on how to use that information effectively to close deals. ClearKen’s Simplified Playbooks are designed to bridge that gap by providing a user-friendly interface that helps sales reps make informed decisions based on the data and insights provided by AI and machine learning algorithms. With ClearKen, sales reps can confidently take the right actions to drive revenue growth and increase customer satisfaction.