Here are some key elements of Insight Selling:

  • 1
    Insight selling is a B2B sales methodology that involves using data and insights to help the customer understand their business in new ways.
  • 2
    The goal of insight selling is to provide the customer with valuable information and insights that they may not have had before, to help them identify opportunities to improve their business.
  • 3
    Insight selling is based on the idea that customers are more likely to buy from salespeople who can help them learn something new about their business, rather than simply pushing a product or service.
  • 4
    To use insight selling, the salesperson needs to have a deep understanding of the customer’s business and industry, and be able to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities that the customer may not have considered.
  • 5
    The insight selling process typically involves several steps, including identifying the customer’s key business challenges and goals, conducting research to identify insights and data that can help the customer achieve these goals, and presenting the insights in a way that is relevant and impactful.
  • 6
    The salesperson then works with the customer to develop a solution that leverages the insights to achieve the customer’s goals.
  • 7
    Insight selling can be an effective way to differentiate a product or service from competitors, establish a relationship of trust and credibility with the customer, and create a sense of urgency around the sale.
  • 8
    To be successful with insight selling, the salesperson must be able to analyze and present complex information in a clear and compelling way, and must be able to establish themselves as a trusted advisor who can provide value beyond just selling a product or service.
  • 9
    Insight selling requires a deep understanding of the customer’s business and industry, and the ability to stay up to date on trends and developments in the market.